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I just started another patternmaking class, this one through Portland Sewing, so I really shouldn’t be sewing anything until I have a better grip on fit and all, but I am a daredevil, one accustomed to decades of sewing misjudgments! … Continue reading

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you win some; you lose some

There’s a reason you’re seeing that shirt-jacket on the dressform instead of on me. It is ill fitting! Blast those darts! I can’t fill them out! I even wore a somewhat padded bra, and still there was a lot of … Continue reading

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a sequins of event

Let’s just start at the beginning, shall we? I saw a sequined skirt at some store and thought, hey, that’s kind of cute, so I decided to make one. I got the fabric, Peter took one look at it and … Continue reading

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smock it to me

I know, it’s a miracle, I actually sewed something! I could have posted this a few days ago, but I was concerned that it might get mistaken for a Halloween costume. This poor tunic endured all sorts of insults prior … Continue reading

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have sleeves, will travel

Oh, hi. I have been a bit fixated as of late on armwarmers. Sometimes, when I am wearing a short-sleeve shirt, I get a little chilled, and looking for a cardigan can require too much effort. Pulling on some sleeves … Continue reading

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It is here!!!!

The gummi candies are almost as good as the book, which is to say, these gummi candies are super delicious Hello, but I have been WAITING for this book to arrive!! Yes, it is the chicken’s second, utterly glorious book: … Continue reading

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And some more summer sewing! I found this fabric in my stash, and I was quite delighted, since I have absolutely no recollection of purchasing it. Sad but true. The dress pattern is from this book (ISBN: 9784579112425). It was … Continue reading

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It has been too hot this week to blog or think, but thankfully the heatwave of 2009 seems to be waning, just in time for the Sock Summit, too! I tried to wear as little clothing as possible this week, … Continue reading

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Pirate style

Ahoy, mateys! I don’t know why I think of pirates when I see this shirt. The pattern is from Machiko Kayaki’s new book, My Favorite Shirt (ISBN 9784579112449). As some of you know, I love Kayaki’s designs. Her patterns are … Continue reading

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send in the clowns

I’ve decided to join the circus! Just kidding, but if I ever DID join the circus, I wouldn’t need a new wardrobe. So even though I am poking fun, I actually like this clown shirt. You can’t really see the … Continue reading

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