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blankie with booties

I whipped up a little quilt sort of blanket for baby Zephyr. It won’t get there in time for his shower, but at least it will be there before he is born! I didn’t really know what I was doing, … Continue reading

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booty call

Ahh, the port and starboard booties for baby Zephyr are finished: I started a striped hat to match, but I realized I don’t have enough yarn! So, I’ve decided to sew a little receiving blanket type thing. There are too … Continue reading

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shake your boo-tay

A lot of people I know are preggers right now. Unfortunately, I have not been very organized in terms of knitting baby gifts. Yesterday I dug through my stash looking for SOMETHING so I can knit a little gift for … Continue reading

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chemo cap #2 completed!

Okay, Megan, you can lose your hair now, because I finished a second cap for you! I’m a little embarrassed to post this photo, because, well, I look insane (and the sad part is this is probably how I really … Continue reading

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Becky Wannabe COMPLETE

At long last, the Becky Wannabe sweater is complete! I finished seaming it yesterday while watching Lagaan. It’s subtitled, so I wasn’t really paying attention. I did have to watch the catchy dance numbers, though. The sweater turned out fairly … Continue reading

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would you like some soy sauce with that?

Instead of seaming the Becky Wannabe sleeves, I finished Megan’s first chemo cap. When I first put it on, Peter said, “So you decided to wrap some seaweed around your head, didja?” (Later he said it is actually more like … Continue reading

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It’s a dark and sad day in California, but the knitting must go on! I think I am going to hold off YET AGAIN on seaming the Becky Wannabe sweater sleeves, because I have a headache, and who wants to … Continue reading

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recall city

I am so ashamed. I live in California. Go ahead and laugh. I hope to be able to laugh about it at some point, but right now I just feel like weeping. Since I don’t like to be sad, let’s … Continue reading

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block party

Last night I finished the Becky Wannabe sleeves, and right now they are dutifully (hopefully) blocking: With any luck, I should be able to start putting it together tomorrow! Woohoo! Now for the next project …

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Back in the Joke State

I made it home to California today. It’s hot and sunny, and I’m very happy to see Peter and Deedle, but you know, I kind of want to move to Portland. It’s not that Portland is without problems, and we’d … Continue reading

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