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portland, here I come

Thanks for all your kind comments regarding the peppermint candy sweater. I decided to be brave and tried it on this morning. I made monkey arms, but other than that, the body seems to fit okay. I am impatient so … Continue reading

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and once again it’s all about candy

But this time, it’s all about peppermint candy! After many struggles, I finally completed the peppermint candy 2x2x3x1 ribby, a fabulous FREE pattern by the incredibly talented Bonne Marie. I knit FOUR sleeves for this (and yes, I wish I … Continue reading

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working on the (daisy) chain gang

I used the new daisy chain method I learned from the proprietor of the bead shop, and though I still need oodles more practice, I did manage to produce this: I’m not really very good at crafting little tiny, detailed … Continue reading

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would you like fries with that?

I cruised the toy aisle at Target the other day, and lo and behold, here is the glorious Peeps Maker! It was a bit distracting, because there was also an Icee machine, a McFlurry machine, and some other food-related items, … Continue reading

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tote bags 101

A couple of people have asked me if I use a pattern for the little bags I sew. Not usually, but the bags are generally adaptations of one basic design. I thought I’d share that design in case anyone is … Continue reading

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this is your brain on turbo tax

Saturday the entire day was spent pulling weeds, shoveling dirt, and moving rocks from one pile to another. The tips of my fingers became so sore that it hurt to type. Sunday I spent the entire day trying to do … Continue reading

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please don’t step on my daisies

Well, I attempted to make a seed bead necklace yesterday, and I think I may have been a bit too ambitious. I tried to make little daisies (I think it’s called a daisy chain in beading parlance), and I clearly … Continue reading

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we now return you to your regular programming

Super eggplant was down all day because my brother was upgrading his DSL (and super eggplant lives on his server). I’ll be able to bop him on the head in person in a week, since I will be heading to … Continue reading

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sunny spring

It was a perfectly lovely day today! I went to the post office and then I accidentally went to the bead store, where I accidentally spent way more money than I intended. I don’t know how to bead, and I … Continue reading

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I want my MTV

Well, not really, since I don’t watch MTV, but I do watch CBS, and our access to it has been yanked because of some dispute between EchoStar (owners of dish network, which we subscribe to) and Viacom, mega media company … Continue reading

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