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peepin’ lucky

I consider myself to have average luck. I’m not spectacularly or even particularly lucky, but I’m not terribly unlucky, either. Average luck. Today, though, I feel very, very, super duper lucky, because look what I got in the mail: A … Continue reading

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I have become rather fixated on blabla pillows and softies. There are so many clever crafters out there making cute little softies and things, but I am just not good at that sort of thing. I can’t seem to do … Continue reading

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tie one on

In case you’re wondering, I am still knitting. I’m trying to finish up the wrappy top from the latest Rebecca. I thought I was undergoing torture last week when I knit the tie: It just went on and on and … Continue reading

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green tea delight

Yesterday I got a phone call from the post office. They said they had an express package for me, and I could either pick it up or just wait to have it delivered on Monday. Hmm, express package? I figured … Continue reading

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zippery doo da!

The obsession with zippers continues. Check out the bouquet of zips that arrived the other day! I will not hoard the zippers or the webbing. I will not hoard the zippers or the webbing. Hey, thanks for all the advice … Continue reading

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double your pleasure

I just got new glasses today, and I can’t see very well. I haven’t decided if it’s because I need to get used to the new prescription or if it’s because the lenses aren’t centered properly. Any suggestions? Well, anyway, … Continue reading

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just can’t get enough

Ha ha ha ha, I made another wristlet thingy! This is a mini version. It’s rather japonesque, non? I put the Mr. Donut mug in there for scale. Here’s the lining:

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I recently participated in the GISBE–the Great International Secret Blog Exchange, hosted by Vivi and Tracey. It was a lot of fun. I sent my package to Katia, an Aussie living in France, and I received my killer package from … Continue reading

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So Carolyn was harassing me asking me about making a little wristlet for her after she saw the super cute ones that Hillary and thimble made. Since I am so efficient (you can tell when I’m being sarcastic, can’t you?), … Continue reading

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Doh! Exoskinned!

After much laboring, I managed to finish my exoskin* jacket! And here’s a closeup of the pocket: Yeah, some of us dig orange pockets. In general, though this wouldn’t even sell at a seconds sale but for all the blatant … Continue reading

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