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norwegian goodies

Cecilie from Norway sent me the most incredible package. I had never before received a package from Norway, but I think this was definitely worth the wait! That last photo shows a little eggplant kit of green and purple beads, … Continue reading

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more backtack!

My back-tack package arrived today from Marn

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get back tack cat

That title is supposed to be a play on that Elton John song, which I swear has the lyrics, “Get back, honky cat.” Is that right, or am I projecting something from my dark side? Anyway, I think my back-tack … Continue reading

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sorry, I’ve got nothing

It was a busy weekend, but unfortunately I didn’t get any crafting accomplished. Saturday Peter and I went to the ballet! We saw the Oregon Ballet Theatre production of Swan Lake. It was quite impressive and very enjoyable. I did … Continue reading

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minnesota: gummi state

Thank you, Tooth Carrie, for introducing me to all the delights of Minnesota candy manufacturer Fritzie Fresh. I’m telling you, the Fritzie Fresh gummi brite crawlers are the best gummi worms I’ve ever had. They have the perfect texture and … Continue reading

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it’s stencil time

as opposed to hammer time. Heh. Anyone remember that? “Can’t touch this.” Ha ha ha. Anyway, I went over to Melissa‘s yesterday for some freezer paper stencil fun. I also coerced her into making me lunch and feeding me Hood … Continue reading

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pie for me

Can you all keep a secret? Yesterday I went over to Amy‘s to “help” her with mailorder preparations. Well, I think she got the raw end of the deal. I mean, not only did I get fed delicious banh mi … Continue reading

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blouse central

Okay, so I have been a little fixated on sewing lately, and my poor knitting has fallen by the wayside, but hey, when the motivation hits, ya gotta go with it! I managed to make another blouse from the wonderful … Continue reading

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summer blouse

I want to make nearly everything from the Machiko Kayaki home couture book I got at Kinokuniya last weekend. I decided to start with something with sleeves, since I am still debating the whole sleeveless thing. I messed up a … Continue reading

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I am testing out the new blogging software by Movable Type called Vox, which means I now have a second blog. I know I talk about random stuff all the time on eggplant, but my vox blog will have even … Continue reading

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