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save gocco

I haven’t even played with the Print Gocco I stole from my brother, and now they’re going to discontinue it? I learned about the Print Gocco’s impending demise on Craftapalooza’s blog. There is now a “save gocco” campaign, which you … Continue reading

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baking accessories

I finally made it to the Dec*rette Shop, a kooky and wonderful candy and cake decorating supply store here in Portland. They have just about everything you’d ever need, from sprinkles to pink cake boxes to cake pans in every … Continue reading

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sugar busters not welcome

Sometimes I think I might have more energy or better sinus function if I cut back on my sugar intake. But then I go by new cupcake bakeries such as Saint Cupcake, get a red velvet cupcake and a pumpkin … Continue reading

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get your holiday mini totes here!

Deedle went in for a dental cleaning, and let’s just say it was no bargain. To help pay for, I don’t know .222222% of the cost, I thought I would try to sell some holiday mini totes! TOTE A: With … Continue reading

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sit on it

Remember when people used to say, “Sit on it” as an insult? Hee hee. Anyway, I have been in need of a seat cushion for my hard IKEA desk chair. My mother brought me a couple of cushions/zabuton the other … Continue reading

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eat your veggies

So the online holiday bazaar idea sounds good, right? Okay, so y’all have a year to make stuff to sell on it! I’ll try to figure out some logistics on my end. I haven’t had time to make any more … Continue reading

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bundles of bao

This is for Silvia: It’s all the frozen bao my mother brought over! They have char siu (Chinese barbecue pork) inside, and they are so yummy. I tried to find out the manufacturer, but all my mother could remember was … Continue reading

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I got some modular carpet pieces from InterfaceFLOR, and I love them! It’s a great company. They are working toward 100% sustainability and seem to actually care about the environment, so hey, you can feel good about making a purchase … Continue reading

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locked out

My friend Wendy told me that Fubonn, this giant new Asian supermarket, was now open. She tempted me with tales of huge candy sections and oodles of bubble tea. So when my parents came by today to drop off several … Continue reading

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