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hey cupcake!

My pal Megan (that’s cancer-fighting Megan to you long-time readers, assuming there are any!) told me the cupcakes at Trader Joe’s are really tasty, so of course I had to try them. She was largely influenced by the colors of … Continue reading

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ready for halloween

After many, many years, one of my dreams has come true–I have always wanted to give away full-size candy bars for Halloween. As long as I have been of candy-giving age, I have either lived where no child in his … Continue reading

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superbuzzy update

Hello all! Just wanted to let you know that Kelly is going to be working on an upgrade to the superbuzzy site, so if you try to visit but can’t, it’s because Kelly is making vast improvements to the functionality … Continue reading

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wee vest

So in my sewing frenzy over the weekend, I also made a little vest for little Paulina and a matching skirt for her sister Lillie. Little P is a rather exuberant child, and it was difficult to get her to … Continue reading

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and round and round we go

I went on a bit of a sewing hiatus. I thought about sewing, but I just wasn’t motivated to physically engage in it. Luckily, I kicked that malaise this weekend. The pattern is from the latest Japanese sewing book I … Continue reading

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Attention local peeps!

The Burgerville pumpkin shakes have arrived!

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bring it on

Recently I was telling Amy about what a difficult time I had trying to insert an invisible zipper. I told her I had purchased a plastic foot for my machine. She turned ghostly white and said in a very grave … Continue reading

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trader joe’s has done it again

Is it wrong to adore Trader Joe’s so much? They have such good deals and tasty foods, and hey, they just came out with a matcha baking mix, so what’s not to love? Here’s my latest TJ’s addiction: Seriously delicious … Continue reading

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patches! we don’t need no stinkin’ patches!

Well hello! I have some superbuzzy news for you. We got in two bolts of new fabric today. Here is a terribly blurry photo of them: You can see better photos if you go here and look for Arizona Rabbit. … Continue reading

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don’t put off until tomorrow

I got my very first Angry Chicken mailorder package today! Now tell me again why I waited so long to get one? Oh, right, it’s because all you nutty bloggers out there bought up all the copies before I could … Continue reading

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